2011 Skoda MissionL Concept Wallpaper

2011 Skoda MissionL Concept Wallpaper

The main attractive of the presentation of Skoda in 2011 Frankfurt International Motor Show is a hatchback-MissionL-design concept. On the production of the series offers a glimpse into this concept car design of the sixth row of Skoda model in Europe, China and Russia started in the year 2012. By the end of 2011, the brand launches a new compact sedan in India. Only for the Indian market starts the car of Skoda, a comprehensive project designed to increase the brand of the global turnover of 1.5 million vehicles in the year 2018 “Model offensive”.

The Skoda offers streamlined MissionL-concept and production of precision to the last detail. Balanced proportions are a combination of pure designed surfaces and sharp cut lines. The impression of stability and elegance this hatchback characterized by FAT formatted lines in combination with light wing 18 alloy wheels “.” As the concept of VisionD, one of the dominant features of the front is the new look, the elements of the design, typical of Skoda. Winged logo arrow is now the leading edge of the hood to dominate an independent element. Made from vertical plates, a chrome grille. Especially at dusk in a pattern of four – leaf clover, car headlamp and fog lamp front ordered. The Crystal structure of integrated slimline key flashes and daytime running lights on the street is clearly on the excellent staff of Czech glass cutters based on sharp lines, and this topic is also in the Interior and the body somewhere else.

The designers have the joints between the wings and bumpers that fat used as decorative elements. Each of the sharp lines harmonic ends. A soft triangle is three lines in the back and sides, appearance of glass cut into the rear lamps (page). Rear lights have a reduction of the Crystal white, clear and smooth surface and are surrounded by a red, c-shaped lamp

Inner of Skoda MissionL concept is a panoramic roof covered dark tinted glass. The Interior is very elegantly and as well as the exterior. In addition, the Interior ergonomics combines advanced high functionality. While the horizontal structure of the Interior of a demonstration of the generosity, the Council of managers, is add the upholstery of the seats and steering wheel with his design of white and beige youth Esprit. The plates have a coverage textile glass Court, bringing the reason for the tradition of the village and glassmaking in the Interior of the car.

“We have a very purist approach of this design-studio we have simply structured surfaces, but surprisingly”, says head of design department Jozef Kabaƈ of Skoda on the philosophy of this approach. As a result, the vehicle has a strong and sporty design. “The design conveys simplicity and young characters.” Life is often very complicated, and many people respond with high-quality materials, precision, and minimalism. “Skoda MissionL concept offers everything,” adds Jozef Kaban

Image: carvarious.com

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