Calling All Van Drivers – Here Are The Vans You Need To Buy

Van drivers – you may think you have it harder than car drivers, but that is not true. Okay, the variety of cars available is a lot higher than vans. Still, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t any vans worth buying because there are plenty. In fact, some of the vans you will find in this article are the cream of the crop. So, if you are looking for a new motor and you want the best, you need to take a look at the examples below. These are the best vans on the market in 2016.

Ford Transit

Let’s start with an old faithful, the Transit van. The Ford Transit has been around for years, almost 20 years in fact. And, it is the van of choice for most van drivers around the world. Why? It is the van of choice because it is spacious, easy to drive and looks the part thanks to the various style and color options available. Better yet, the Transit is quite cheap as you can get one for $15,000. Considering that they last forever, and they won’t be around for much longer, that is reasonable.


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Mercedes Sprinter

If you are looking for a luxury van, look no further than a Sprinter. As Mercedes manufacturer the Sprinter van, it is always going to be one of the most elegant and best-looking vans on the market. But, this van is nothing if not functional because it is not just about style over substance. Like the Transit, the Sprinter is very spacious and offers all the room you will need for your gear. And, this van is also a good mix of economy and power. Their diesel engine energy-efficient, yet it is also very powerful thanks to their 150bhp. If all that isn’t enough, the ride is smoother than a baby’s bottom, which makes it great for driving long distances.


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Nissan Navara

To be honest, this is not technically a van as it is more of a pickup truck or SUV. However, not everyone needs a big van like a Tranny or a Sprinter, which is why it is on this list. If you are on the search for a small van, the Navara may be well up your street. The loading bay in the back is surprisingly spacious and safe if you tie everything down. Plus, the car itself is a delight to drive as it handles well and doesn’t have a huge load to tow.

Volkswagen Crafter

The Crafter has a lot going for it, but its main feature is its safety record. As it is a car from a Volkswagen garage, the safety element is bound to be high. There are two huge airbags in the front cabin in case of an accident, and there is also a full-height steel bulkhead. To be fair, it is hard to name all of the safety features in one go, so follow the link for more info.


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Whether you are looking for space, safety or comfort, these vans cover every base.


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