How To Care For Your Jaguar Car

Millions of people around the world love the fact that they own a Jaguar car. There is a lot than can get said about the badge a car adorns. The Jaguar marque is all about prestige, luxury and performance.

Jaguar cars are also a nicer alternative to their German competitors, in my opinion. A lot of people would love to own a piece of British automotive history. As you own a Jaguar, you are doubtless aware of what it means to be a Jaguar owner.

You will also know how important it is to care for your pride and joy. After all, it’s not a car that you would just drive until it blew up! Jaguar cars deserve the love and attention that they crave. As a Jaguar owner, it’s your duty to keep your big cat happy!


Today’s blog post will show you how to care for your Jaguar.

Stick to your Jaguar’s service schedules

Part of owning a Jaguar, or any car for that matter, is ensuring that it is well-maintained. Today’s modern Jaguars have powerful engines controlled by complex electronic systems.

To make sure your Jaguar’s engine is in tip-top condition, you need to have it serviced as per Jaguar’s service schedules. Those service intervals will vary from model to model, so you should check your owner’s manual for full details.

Use Jaguar main dealers for servicing

When it comes to entrusting your big cat with a mechanic, I always recommend that you use a Jaguar main dealer, such as H A Fox.

The only people that know your Jaguar inside out are main dealers. Their technicians are well-trained and will offer the utmost care and attention for your pride and joy. Sometimes you might be lucky and come across a local independent Jaguar specialist.

But it’s best to stick with the main dealers for the following reasons:

  • Service history. Jaguar cars are worth more if they have a full Jaguar service history. It gives new owners peace of mind knowing that your car has been well looked-after;
  • Problem solving. If your Jaguar has a specific and complex issue, main dealers will know how to resolve them. Even some specialists scratch their heads. That’s because they don’t have access to Jaguar technical bulletins.

Only fill up with premium fuel

It’s no secret that supermarket petrol and diesel is much cheaper than the fuel sold by branded filling stations. All fuel sold to the general public is fit for use in modern cars. But the difference is that premium fuel is better for your Jaguar.

Why? They contain additives that ensure your Jaguar’s injection systems and combustion chambers are clean. They help your Jaguar’s engine to run as smooth as possible.

My favourite premium fuel of choice for Jaguar cars is Shell V-Power. Out of all the premium fuels on offer, V-Power seems to offer the best blend of performance and fuel economy for most Jaguar models.

I hope you have found this guide useful. Thanks for reading!

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