The Costs of Keeping A Work Van on the Road


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There a multitude of self-employed career choices and all of them have their own associated costs. You may think that working for yourself is a walk in the park, but you’d be mistaken. This is especially true of those that specialise in a trade of some sort. For many of them, they rely on work vans to get from point A to point B with all their necessary tools. If you’re thinking about buying a van for the purpose of work, there are costs that you need to know about before making a decision. These may affect your budget, especially if you’re paying through finance.

Fuel Costs

Let’s start with the most obvious, shall we? Being on the road means you have to pay for fuel. It’s what you van needs to keep running. Think of it as a life source. And unfortunately, in this day and age, it doesn’t always come cheap. Prices are continuing to rise as fossil fuels become more and more scarce. However, as a professional, you may be able to claim some tax back as a business expense. This will vary from state to state, so make sure you check the laws in your area.

Road Tax and Insurance

Remember, a work van is still a personal vehicle. You’re still obligated to pay all of the usual costs associated with owning a car. That means you have to pay your road tax and be fully insured. There’s just no getting around it. However, if you’re involved in an accident or the victim of theft, you’ll soon be counting your blessings. Without a van, you’re without work. Many insurance companies now even supply a courtesy vehicle so you can keep working in the meantime. Shop around to see what benefits providers could offer you.

Vehicle Maintenance

Just like with a regular car, your work van will fall to a wealth of problems over the span of its lifetime. You’ll need to have some money set aside to account for these problems. Being able to quickly pay for parts and fitting could be the difference between making money and losing work. Maintenance of a vehicle doesn’t always come cheap, but it’s important to keep your van in optimal condition. Take pride in your van, just as you would your car. You should be willing to pay for regular servicing, tyre fitting and new parts.

Breakdown Cover

If it’s not included in your insurance package, you’ll need to find a company to cover you in the event of a breakdown. Where would you be if you found yourself stuck on the highway on the way home for a job? You could be miles away from home! That’s why breakdown cover is so important, and there are many companies that offer it. By all means, shop around for the best deal, but you really need to be looking at reliability. Going for the cheapest option will only come back to haunt you when you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. And, above all, remember to drive safely.

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