Top Reasons To Buy Your New Luxury Car

Luxury cars are one of those things that we all want, but that modern times make difficult to justify buying. There are many who think the one benefit of said cars is just how fast they can go and the power under the hood. Of course, that is a major benefit. But it’s far from the only one. Below, we list just some of the less obvious perks to getting yourself one of these luxuries.



It’s the big one, because it’s a big concern for most people buying a car. When people think of luxury cars, safety’s not often high on the list. Going fast and, occasionally, crashing while going fast are more likely to come to mind. However, the fact is that the higher up the market you go for your car, the more likely it is to pass higher safety standards. The IIHS has a listing of safety standards for nearly every car you can imagine. The luxury brand Mercedes Benz, for example, has ten models and their ratings up there. As it stands, not a single model from 2012 onwards has a rating lower than the highest possible score, a ‘Good’.


Latest in technology

So this goes along with the whole idea that luxury cars are little more than a big toy. Still, the level of technology being incorporated in modern luxury cars is astounding, to say the least. As well as more revolutions in the aforementioned safety, there is more and more convenience at the luxury drive’s fingertips. For example, the Infiniti Personal Assistant that comes with all Infinitis. This handy gadget gives you immediate, 24-hour access. On the other end are specialists and assistants, professionals that can help you no matter where you are.


Top Quality Service and Maintenance

The above piece of technology leads nicely into the next benefit, which is the level of service and maintenance you can expect with luxury cars. The company behind these cars are all about the power of the brand associated with the cars so they do a lot to protect and enhance that brand. Dealerships all over, from Mercedes to BMW have different deals that come along with their cars. They all offer top of the line maintenance and assistance. This level of service is often one of the big reasons drivers go for luxury cars. When you buy one, you’re usually well taken care of, too.

Resale Value

Cars devalue. It’s a sad law of the lands that as soon as you drive a brand new car out of the showroom, its value immediately drops. However, the resale value on luxury cars isn’t as bad as a lot expect. Their reputation for deteriorating quickly isn’t entirely fair. The above link has plenty of models that are particularly good at keeping their value. Resale value is always at front and centre in the mind of drivers when buying a new car, as we’ve shown in an article about just that.

There you have it. Though more expensive, luxury cars have a lot more to offer besides speed. Service. Technology. Safety. Value for money. These are just a few more of the reasons you should consider a luxury car for your next automobile purchase.


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