2007 Volvo S80 Heico Concept Wallpaper
2007 Volvo S80 Heico Concept Wallpaper

Want 2007 Volvo S80 Heico Concept Wallpaper? Experts from the Motorsport and German tuning Heico SPORTIV have a version of the spectacular performance of the Volvo S80 developed.

In this post, we’ve gathered over a dozen high-quality images of the 2007 Volvo S80 Heico in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a fan of the classic look or prefer something more modern, we’ve got you covered. So dive in and enjoy these beautiful 2007 Volvo S80 Heico Concept Wallpaper

2007 Volvo S80 Heico Concept Wallpaper

With the outside high-tech look and a 350 HP ethanol engine aluminium, the concept of a high-performance S80 is a real attention hitch at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

“I wanted to check to what extent a special version of high performance-the S80 could have.” Impressive record motorsport and the adaptation of the Volvo Heico SPORTIV created the perfect partner for the job, “said Lex Kerssemakers, Senior Vice President, of the corporate brand and product Volvo cars strategy.” He adds:

“Personally, I believe that the result is very impressive.” “Both the external and internal, and the impressive muscle under the hood”. The Turbo engine is changed from T6 running on E85 (85% of the bio-ethanol, 15% gasoline) bio-fuel, which is always more widely available across Europe.

The concept of the high-yield Heico S80 T6 engine is one of about 350 HP at 5500 rpm and a massive 550 nm acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h will be about 5.8 seconds torque between 1500-4000 u/min.

“The development of the engine is not yet complete when the car is ready for EMS, figure in the hope to reach an even greater PS”, says President of the Heico SPORTIV Holger Hedtke.

Any Suspension Of Traction And Sport

2007 Volvo S80 Heico Concept Wallpaper

The concept of a high-performance Volvo S80 Heico-controlled electronic traction system with direct traction. The car also has a designed sports suspension.

Springs and shocks new lower chassis of 40 mm. The sport 6-pot brake system has blue claws with the logo of the Heico SPORTIV, sport brake pads, and discs of 355 x 32 mm. Alloy VOLUTION ® wheels x forged 20-inch nails, specifically with continental tyre 255/30R20.

“If it focused around driving experience, on the tuning of all the components you will receive as a result of dynamic but harmonious.” In other words, a truly sporting experience, without losing. The luxurious and comfortable touch is the hallmark of the S80, “says Holger Hedtke.”

Spectacular Effect Color Aluminium

2007 Volvo S80 Heico Concept Wallpaper

The color of exclusive metal Efecto aluminium high concept of Heico S80 oozes a distinctive technical look.

“True metal mark the light effect” was “a great challenge.” Does not normally use this type of colour to cover a whole car. The body has seven layers of colour. The fur, gives the effect of aluminium of not only later retouching of, what you have from the outset. The whole process takes two weeks, said “Holger Hedtke.”

All other parties, such as making the window trim, pipe exhaust, radiator grille, and rub strips are black matte with chrome. They are crafted from all parts of the body. The body kit was around wide skirts.

The valve features three channels to a large air-integrated spoiler, LED integrated daytime driving lights and a grid with sports-integrated iron brands Volvo.

The exhaust system is made of stainless steel throughout and the exhaust spoiler is integrated into a large rear spoiler. There is also a rear wing covered.

Blue Inner Mystic

The Interior has full blue leather in blue Mystic with seams and the Heico SPORTIV logo both in the front seat measure made exactly the sport and the two single seats “Cube” on the back. Mats and seat belts are coloured blues. It is a sports steering wheel trimmed in leather and leather finish with an accent on carbon silver gear jacks.

The extended battery of the driving Center is covered with silver carbon fibre. The battery of the Centre has also controls for the rear seat entertainment system and a room for the storage of information under a blind hand. The decorative elements of the section consist of silver carbon fibre. Illuminated entry trim in stainless steel and glass features the logo of the Heico SPORTIV

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So, there you have it – 10+ amazing HD 2007 Volvo S80 Heico Concept Wallpaper for your desktop or mobile device. Whether you’re a fan of the classic look of the original Volvo S80 or prefer one of the more modern incarnations, we hope you’ve found a wallpaper here that will help make your device look just a little bit cooler. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our other posts for even more great automotive wallpaper goodness!

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