How Many Cars Can You Have In Your Name? Explained Briefly
How Many Cars Can You Have In Your Name? Explained Briefly

How Many Cars Can You Have In Your Name? This is a common query, and the response could surprise you. Please continue reading if you want to discover more about how many cars you can have in your name.

How Many Cars Can You Have In Your Name?

How Many Cars Can You Have In Your Name?

You are permitted to have up to eight vehicles registered in your name in the majority of states. There are a few exceptions, though. For instance, you are only permitted to have six cars registered in your name if you reside in California or Texas.

To begin with, you must have enough space to keep all of the cars. This could not be achievable if you reside in a flat or condo. Second, you will require the financial means to keep up with all of the vehicles. This covers paying for things like petrol, insurance, and repairs. And last, be ready to cope with the headache of registering multiple vehicles. Make sure you don’t buy a car that is prohibited in the US after bearing all of this in mind. 

In some states, you are permitted to register an unlimited number of automobiles in your name. How many automobiles can you legally own in your name? The state in which you live makes a significant difference.

What Is The Department Of Motor Vehicles (DMV)?

The government organisation in charge of issuing driver’s licences and registering automobiles is known as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You must go to a nearby DMV office in order to register more than one vehicle. Visit the DMV website to learn about the address and hours of operation of your local office. When you arrive at the DMV office, you will need to bring the following items:

  • Your driver’s license
  • The title of the car
  • A bill of sale (if applicable)
  • The registration fee

You can register your new cars once you have acquired all necessary requirements. You will receive a registration certificate and licence plates for each vehicle after they have been registered. The licence plates must then be attached to the front and rear of your vehicle.

What Is The Procedure For Owning Many Cars?

What Is The Procedure For Owning Many Cars?

There are a few resources you may look at if you’re still curious about how many cars you can own in your name. You might start by talking with the Department of vehicle in your state. How many vehicles you are permitted to register in your name will be revealed by them.

The second option is to speak with a lawyer who focuses on car registration. Based on the legislation in your state, they will be able to provide you with precise advice.

All you need are the appropriate papers, adequate space for the cars to be stored, and the money to keep them maintained. You can own as many cars as you want if you’re willing to deal with the inconvenience of registering them all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: Can You Buy Or Sell How Many Cars In A Year?

Ans: In a year, you are free to buy or sell as many cars as you like. But you’ll need to get a dealer’s licence if you buy or sell more than five cars in a year.



You are allowed to own as many automobiles as you like. There are a few things you should keep in mind, though. You must first have a driver’s licence. The second thing you’ll need is vehicle tools. Last but not least, you must register your vehicles with the DMV.

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