The Untold Secret To Mastering Prius Bad Inverter Symptoms In Just 3 Days
The Untold Secret To Mastering Prius Bad Inverter Symptoms In Just 3 Days

Any car could break down for any reason. An integral component of a Prius is the inverter pump. You will quickly become aware of any clear indicators if it is not functioning as it should.

Your Prius’s check engine light will come on if there is a problem with the inverter pump. Additionally, it might activate a different light with a triangle-shaped yellow glow. 

Prius Bad Inverter Symptoms

  • The Inverter Keeps Becoming Too Hot

Coolant can only be circulated to the inverter and other parts of the system when the Prius pump is functioning correctly. The inverter will overheat since cooling cannot reach these components. The check engine light will then illuminate.

  • Faulty Inverter Pump Sensors

Information is sent to the main computer module of the Prius through sensors around the inverter and inverter components. The computer then instructs the inverter pump to flow coolant to cool the inverter.

The inverter pumps will not flow coolant to cool the inverter down if the sensors fail to detect the inverter’s heat.

The sensors might have fried as a result of the inverter occasionally overheating. It’s necessary to replace the sensors.

  • The AM2 Fuse Fails.

The fact that your Prius will stall as soon as the am2 fuse breaks is the terrifying aspect of the fuse randomly burning out. The freeway could suddenly begin to close while you are on it. So what causes the am2 fuse to blow?

The inverter being too hot is one of the causes of the am2 fuse shorting out, especially in Prius vehicles. When you check the fuse, the metal side pieces will have a mildly burnt hue.

Although you can change the fuse, you still need to figure out why the inverter pump isn’t working. The Am2 fuse will continue to blow if you only change the fuse without checking the pump.

How to check a Prius inverter pump

Your Prius should be turned on and left in the park. Allow the engine to warm up for a while. The hood of your Prius should be propped open.

A long, somewhat orange container should be found adjacent to the Prius battery. Look inside the water pump container by removing the tiny circular plug. The water ought to be somewhat moving.

This indicates that the pump is broken, as coolant cannot be pumped into the system.

How much does a new inverter pump cost?

An inverter pump typically costs around $250. You now need to factor in labor costs. For labor and parts, a routine repair will charge roughly $450.

If you take your Prius to a Toyota repair, you may always expect higher prices. However, because they received their training from Toyota, they are qualified to repair your Prius.

Additionally, they can determine what went wrong with the inverter pump and provide you with maintenance advice.

Prices may be less expensive if you take your Prius to a repair that needs to be qualified.

Many mechanics still need to learn how to maintain and repair hybrid automobiles, so you’ll need to find one who does. They will need help to give you advice on how to stop future problems with your inverter pump.

The inverter overheating and the am2 fuse blowing out are the two most typical signs of a malfunctioning inverter pump. You may inspect the inverter pump by opening the container in the center of your Prius.

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To sum up, diagnosing and addressing Prius bad inverter symptoms can be a tricky task. With proper knowledge and the right tools, however, you can master this tricky issue in no time. Make sure that you check regularly for signs of a faulty inverter. Pay particularly close attention to any accompanying issues that may indicate further problems. Since a malfunctioning inverter leads to decreased fuel economy and other symptoms like strange noises from the engine, it’s important to always address any potential signs of an unhealthy Prius inverter as soon as possible. We hope this blog post helped you understand how to tackle Prius bad inverter problems correctly! For more keep visiting

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